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Perhaps they’re saying I am black in some way, but it doesn’t matter where I’m from.Identity is more nuanced, but people might see it as less relevant as Britain becomes more diverse and people become more relaxed about multiculturalism.” Black communities were found in all regions, but the most significant populations were in London and the West Midlands – the two most ethnically diverse regions in England and Wales.

The Great Fête Weekend held at Store Bay, Pigeon Point, is a gathering of keen party animals and incredible DJs hosting the number one beach party in the southern Caribbean.

Originally part of the festivities surrounding the annual power boat racing events, it now stands as an event in its own right, gathering bigger crowds than the races themselves.

Ten years later, while numbers have increased in real terms from 146,000 to 160,000, the overall percentage has dropped to two percent.

In comparison, Nigerian-born British residents feature for the first time in a list of those born outside the UK with a population of 191,000.

One of the most wonderful aspects of the cultural events in Trinidad and Tobago is the way in which we can see the expressions of the various diverse ethnic communities manifest themselves in an atmosphere of celebration.

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