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Currently, Kourosh works on design, development and integration of advanced haptics and robotics on second generation of neuro Arm surgical system and many other research projects related to surgical performance and advanced robotic and surgical tool design.

Kourosh is a principle investigator with secured grants awarded by various granting agencies including NSERC and CIHR.

His research interests include Robot Assisted Space Surgery, Mechatronics, Innovative Surgical Tool Design for Robotic Applications, Instrumentation of Surgical Tools, Biomedical Device Design, Teleorobotic Platforms for Medical Applications, Smart Surgical Tool Development, Instrumentation in Biomedical Applications, Teleoperation, Telesurgery, Haptics, Medical Warning and Monitoring Systems, Haptics for Surgical Training, Surgical Robotics, MRI-compatible Haptic Systems, Image-guided Robotic Systems, Surgical Performance Evaluation, Hydraulic Robots, Underwater Robots, Nonlinear Control System Design, Lyapanov Stability Analysis for Nonlinear Systems, Embedded System Design and Development, Microcontrollers, Virtual Fixtures in Robotic Applications, Sensors, and Actuators.

He has been appointed Adjunct Assistant Professor with University of Calgary, Medical Robotics Program, Department of Clinical Neurosciences, in early 2015.

He stablished the most advanced Haptics Laboratory in North America, in which, many graduate and undergraduate students has been/are being trained.

His residency in Neurosurgery was completed at the University of Western Ontario under the supervision of Skip Peerless and the legendary Charles Drake. Sutherland’s first appointment was at the University of Manitoba, in both the Departments of Surgery and Pharmacology.

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