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Searchable anywhere, anytime, that’s what Tinder: a great tool for simple and fun games without more … It is not for nothing that it is downloaded almost 200,000 times a day, used by 65% of those who it is installed and there is currently more than 2 million people who play with at home, at work, on vacation …

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This also means that everyone has a chance because the stresses are at the height of each / each requirement.

For many, “traditional” dating sites are only good at spending hours chatting and not too rarely materialize.

This database is thrown by an algorithm that determines which profiles that suit you in your geographical area (adjustable from 10 to 100 km).

From there, Tinder scrolls on your screen photos or the ones he has selected and simply say yes or no to skip to the next photo.

Tinder, it’s just like a social network again, on which it is quick and easy to register without being forced to “sell” to cheat with reality to attract shoppers …

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