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There were some canceled/unreleased/rumored figures that are listed below, though most are likely never going to be released: Platz-Hobby Protect gear panzer jager version (bronze color) (cancelled) Protect gear panzer jager version (black) (cancelled) Takara-Tomy Protect gear jgsdf version (black) (unreleased/unconfirmed/cancelled) Protect gear heavy kerberos version (cancelled design, re-designed) (early design of type 61) Protect gear sniper version (cancelled) Protect gear medium gear [swat? ] version (cancelled) Unknown company/unreleased Protect gear panzer jager version (statue) (single shooting) Protect gear panzer jager version (statue) (3 in battle diorama) If you looking for more info please check my blog kerberossaga.first up, kaiyodo's & buildup's kits!

first kit is the comic version armour distributed some time in the early 90's (around 1991). includes a c96 pistol that goes into the wrist shield, alternative right hand and mg34.

these are the only kits to come with both a removable helmet and mask, and features inui's face underneath.

comes with mg 42 this kit is notable as it seems that it is kaiyodo's original sculpt, but buildup (the company that produced the actual movie armour props) released (obviously under license) there own branded version, the difference between the two being that kaiyodos old release is white vinyl while buildups kit is black vinyl. Buildup's is also fairly hard to find, more so than most other kits, but its not too much of a problem as low quality recasts of this kit show up all the time.

all the first three medicom figures re-use existing parts (armour/weapons/heads/helmets/hands: kaiyodo/buildup, bodies: takara combat joes) but only this figure features new tooling: kazuki fuse's head.

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