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If your child hates being strapped into the car seat, pretend you are pilots or astronauts or take a teddy or doll and get your child to strap them into a spare seat before you strap them in.

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Squabbling, baiting and fighting is another way children vie to get attention so the key is not to get sucked in by it. As a parent, you will be negotiating peace deals on a regular basis and bear in mind sibling rivalry is often at its worst between the ages of four and 11.

If you say one thing and Daddy says the opposite, it will take longer for your child to learn what is right. NANNY IN A BOOK by Louise Heren and Susan Mc Millan, is published by Vermilion on 7 April, £12.99.

If the words are more playground than pub, just ignore them. Parents are often irritated by children interrupting their conversations. The child may be bored or feel that they are being ignored.

Avoid this by giving them something interesting to do while you chat or talk on the phone.

If your child is in danger, of course you should shout a warning. No-nonsense discipline is not about shouting or smacking; it is not about being horrid. Many parents use threats of the ‘if you don’t behave, you’re for it’ variety.

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