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Department of Defense, the first floating took place on January 3, 2013 at Tustin, California, where it hovered indoors at a height of 12 feet for several minutes.

The COSH system also avoids the need to re-ballast when taking on or dropping off payload, and consequently also the associated ground crew.

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Lærer: En åben kultur er afgørende for at undgå stress 4300 59430528.

Den er nem og ligetil at bruge, og der er en tilfredsstillende stor kundebase p hjemmesiden.

To combat these forces, they require external ballast exchange, using rocks, ice, water, or lead bags, to keep the airship anchored to the ground.

Because the Aeroscraft is equipped with VTOL capability, it can deliver cargo directly from point-of-origin to point-of-need.

Aeros has developed a technology to avoid the need for ballast, which they call "control of static heaviness (COSH)".

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