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We currently FTP text files from our RS6000 to our AS/400 IFS root file system . It seems to work if we type ebcdic before the put command, however, .

I read your suggestion to one user about using translation tables, but in this case the FTP is taking place FROM the RS6000 NOT the AS/400. Then select option 20 Configure TCP/IP applications, option 10 Change FTP Attributes.will see Server Mapping tables keywords for incoming and outgoing.

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Thus, the integrity of the file is maintained no matter what systems it's transferred between I am trying to ftp file from AS400 machine to RS6000 one. I have no problems regarding English text, but the Arabic one is completly rubbish. Appreciate your help I suggested to Hany that the translation table for the double-byte characters that are the base of the Arabic language on the AS/400 may be the problem.

Resolving this turned out to be a relatively simple matter, although it took some time to find it.) command. Amanda I am using mget */qdls/plant trying to get it to copy to the plant folder. If you do not have a current library specified for your environment, OS/400 deems QGPL to be the default.

Reliable FTP CLIENT for PC's & Servers Retrieving MGET Results Targetting library-specific files on AS/400Type of File to Use for FTP Scripts How to Control the Use of PASV on AS/400 Monitoring for PING Results in a CL Line Wrapping in FTP Source Commands Controlling the transmission of Trailing Blanks How to transfer Objects or Libraries from one system to an other using FTPThe best method to unpack a physical file that contains packed fields on an i Series 400Signon via FTP does not update the USRPRF with the last used date & Time In the V4R4 release of OS/400, the Integrated File System (IFS) provides 64-bit versions of its UNIX-type commands.

With the new 64-bit mapping, sizes, offsets, and lengths are represented as 64-bit integers, which eliminates the 2 GB limit.

They can be installed without having to IPL the system and are effective immediately after applying the patch.

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