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The air was warm, and the campground was dark and silent. Given all of that, was it really that much of a stretch to believe that my crush would one day be my spouse?

I was too excited to sleep, thinking of all of the points during the weekend when Nathan and I might end up sitting next to each other: during a meal, or on the bus, or on the beach, our towels laid out side by side. I’d been raised to have faith in the seemingly impossible. * * * Throughout high school, I remained steadfast in my certainty that Nathan and I would end up together.

* * * My sophomore year of high school, the youth group went on a summer campout near the beach. Then he threw the tissue into the fire pit and turned back around. I stayed in my spot, only going back to bed once I’d counted ten shooting stars.

When he ignored me on church trips, or flirted with other people, I brushed it off.

My only real worry was that he wasn’t going to save himself for marriage the way I was.

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