Microsoft office updating system

by  |  10-Nov-2017 19:57

According to industry analysts at Forrester Research, there will be 35 million remote users by 2005 and 14 billion devices on the Internet by 2010.

These interconnection paths are potentially susceptible to access by unauthorized individuals.

With so much at stake, security requires a commitment of resources—financial, human, and technological—to an enterprise-wide program.

Additionally, the time between when a security update is released and when an exploit for the vulnerability address by the update is available publicly has decreased dramatically, while the security exploits are becoming increasing sophisticated.

About 85 percent of the survey’s participants detected viruses even though most had deployed firewalls (98 percent) and anti-virus technology (99 percent).

These attacks on IT infrastructures take many forms, including theft of proprietary information, financial fraud, worms, viruses, and net abuse by employees.

With no common nomenclature or taxonomy, product teams developed numerous installer technologies that provided different user interfaces and different functionality.

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