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Chase is still convinced that she actually does have feelings for him and gives her "not-stolen" flowers and continuously asks her out every Tuesday, using the phrase "It's Tuesday, I like you", and faces rejection week after week.

When Chase gets fired in the season 3 finale episode Human Error, Cameron resigns and comes to his doorstep to tell him "It's Tuesday." Chase corrects her that it's Monday to which she says she didn't feel like waiting and they share a kiss.

But what starts as a routine expedition quickly goes bad when a member of Torchwood comes down with a mysterious illness.

Suddenly, aliens are invading the hospital and the teams from Cardiff and Princeton-Plainsboro find themselves in the middle of a war across time and space that will ultimately determine the fate of the universe itself.

There are more happy interactions between the two, where they throw around words like wedding and marriage.

In the episode Saviors, Cameron postpones her vacation with Chase, to his dismay, to follow a patient she had refereed to House.

Will villains still find themselves in the small New England town or will the peace last forever?

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