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Ewen Keenan after he had taken Elizabeth Webber hostage [Sep 2012] Shot and mortally wounded Joe Scully Jr.

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She had a stalker, and Jason helped determine the stalker was actually her husband.

Jerry Jacks, after Metro Court hostage crisis [Feb 2007] Shootout with Lorenzo's men in the Cellar [Apr 2007] Engaged in a shootout with Jerry Jacks [May 2007] Murdered Lorenzo Alcazar [Jun 2007] Jumped bail to rescue his kidnapped son [Jul 2007] Threatened to kill Sam Mc Call after he learned she had witnessed Jake's kidnapping by hired goons [Summer 2007] Held Trevor Lansing at gunpoint after Trevor threatened Emily's life [Dec 2007] Murdered Dr.

Celebuzz was there too, and what isn’t being mentioned is that Kristen and Garrett’s producer was also hanging out with them in a group setting.

Everyone thought that these two were a thing, as they seemed inseparable during Golden Glebes after party.

It is an amazing 190 kilometres away on the border with Argentina.

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