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There are 5 ateliers in Paris, including Galeries Lafayette Maison on Blvd Haussman and on the 3rd floor of BHV on rue de Rivoli -- for a quick class including eating for lunch at a reasonable € 15/person.Classes are in French, but for this price including lunch, why not try it?

Address: 304/ 306 Rue Lecourbe 75015 Paris Phone: 33 (0)1 40 60 16 20 Email: Website: Ferrandi One of the leading professional cooking schools located in the 6th arrondissement.

1,500 students and 2,000 professionals who come to brush up on the culinary arts.

I attended Pierre Herme's master class at Ecole Ferrandi to learn how to make macarons last spring.

Fascinating experience seeing the dozens of young French people who are studying cooking and restaurant management at all levels.

We hope that when you come to Paris, you'll try a cooking class too!

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