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In the summer 2007 book club selection—Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides—Cal was born with a condition in which he had both male and female genitalia.After being raised for years as a girl, he finally came to understand that he was genetically a boy."It didn't work." The marriage lasted for a year, and then Lynnell says she went through a very dark period. I was very asexual and just wanted to die." Fourteen years ago, Lynnell says she gained the courage to live the truth.

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"It's always really scary to think about telling someone that I may be dating.

And it's something that I build up a lot in my mind and that I get very, very nervous about," she says. One of them, when I told him, was like, 'Okay, so when do you want to go to dinner?

"For me, coming here and doing this show is about shedding some light, ...

educating people and hopefully making it easier for ...

To clear up any confusion, she explains terms: "There's issues of sex, which is biology—that's male and female and intersex.

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